Edinburgh Young Carers

Edinburgh Young Carers is one of the most well established and largest organisations in Scotland dedicated to working with and supporting young carers. Their mission is to make a positive difference in the lives and futures of young carers through support, information, respite and personal development and training.

Nason Associates has designed and developed two key projects in 2019
1st was an all new social-led EYC website.
2nd was to create a new brand and web application for ‘We Care’ …Schools for Young carer award scheme that recognises and rewards good practice around identifying and supporting young carers in schools across Scotland.

‘We Care’ aims to encourage schools to develop their skills and experience in working with young carers. By developing approaches, policies and regular self-evaluation, schools taking part in We Care will ensure that young carers are supported in achieving their identified personal outcomes and the barriers they may be facing to accessing a full education will be reduced or removed.

We established the Information Architecture, designed the User Interface and a certification scheme, allowing schools choose their area of focus, receive guidance through the portal with the requirements, and submit evidence to be approved by the Edinburgh Young Carers. There are five award themes each with three award levels.