Edinburgh Young Carers

Edinburgh Young Carers is one of the most well established and largest organisations in Scotland dedicated to working with and supporting young carers. Their mission is to make a positive difference in the lives and futures of young carers through support, information, respite and personal development and training.

Nason Associates designed and developed three key projects
A new social-led website,
A corporate identity for the ‘We Care’ initiative and
Identified and developed an automated accreditation system

Brand Transformation
‘We Care’ aims to encourage schools to develop their skills and experience in working with young carers. By developing approaches, policies and regular self-evaluation, schools taking part in We Care will ensure that young carers are supported in achieving their identified personal outcomes and the barriers they may be facing to accessing a full education will be reduced or removed.

Identified and developed an automated accreditation system
In creating a range of certification as part of the Brand Transformation programme, we questioned the client over their intentions and identified a more cost and time effective way of managing and running their 2 year pilot scheme with schools, rather than using spreadsheets to process internally.

We created from scratch, a low-cost purpose built accreditation system. We developed the information architecture, UX and design to make the functionality and administration as easy as possible. Schools could choose their levels of accreditation (25 levels and themes were available) the system automated all the delivery objectives /requirements / uploads/ and allowed for the approval of each submission with certification.

Results – Automating this accreditation process has seen a cost-effective solution, saving time and resources. It is anticipated to be saving the Charity £50k over 2 years, the saving can now be put to other uses.

Testimonial – “Its all going really well thank you! The branding and marketing strategy that you have created along with the digital transformation accreditation system are a winning combination.”
Director of Operations