Sandpiper Digital

Sandpiper Asia uses its technology and expertise to simplify your world of payment under one platform in your Venue/ Resort, Events/ Sports by building long-term client relationships based on mutual trust, integrity and respect for a more secure future every day.

Involved at the inset of a buy and build strategy, we initiated a number of workshops across Europe with key stakeholders to build a combined portfolio proposition before creating a new brand identity and website.


Prudential plc is a multinational life assurance and financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Unicorn Underwriting

Unicorn Underwriting is the specialist Managing General Agent of US-based wholesale broking giant AmWINS.
They have particular expertise in Coach and Bus insurances, insurances for UK Property Owners including Unoccupied Properties, and Worldwide Property insurances particularly in the US.

THB Group

THB group is one of the largest and most successful Lloyd’s broking insurance operations in the specialty market sector.

Creating a campaign that works successfully across international boundaries needs to be powerful and simple. It grew out of the annual report as rapid expansion happened. The ‘Making our mark’ strapline took shape and worked both at a corporate level and at a sector specialist level.