BonaCaeli believe breathing clean air is a fundamental need for the global economy and for our social well-being.

The AirSAFE Professional P1000 and 2000 are air sanitisers that set a new benchmark in air purification: the fastest known way to reduce and eliminate threats from viruses and pathogens from indoor air including the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19.

The products use a scientifically proven unique triple air treatment to de-activate virus particles and kill pathogens, eliminating infectious aerosol mists within indoor spaces and de-risking infection transmission. BonaCaeli also offer a valuable a Risk assessment and modelling service to help venues and offices quantify and mitigate risks from COVID-19, other pathogens and allergens.

Nason Associates worked with BonaCaeli to create a new brand identity, website, product design of the P2000, product literature and advertising collateral to launch their state of the art Air Sanitiser and CO2 products and Air Monitoring services.

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Acre are market-leaders in HSE recruitment. They have been pioneering social responsibility recruitment for nearly 20 years and embed CSR and sustainability in their culture.

Sandpiper Digital

Sandpiper Asia uses its technology and expertise to simplify your world of payment under one platform in your Venue/ Resort, Events/ Sports by building long-term client relationships based on mutual trust, integrity and respect for a more secure future every day.

Involved at the inset of a buy and build strategy, we initiated a number of workshops across Europe with key stakeholders to build a combined portfolio proposition before creating a new brand identity and website.

BPP Cables

BPP Cables is a specialist independent submarine cable & umbilical design, engineering & supply Company that is active in offshore renewable energy generation.