We help clients identify, design, create and deliver new ways in which their business can save time and money on a day to day and longer term basis

We build bespoke tools and applications because we believe they give better flexibility, longevity and offer greater value for money. They are tailored for your business rather than shoehorning your business into a white label product typically offered by a software solutions provider.


Fully scoped and delivered an automated ‘cradle to grave’ Professional Regulation, Risk and Compliance System
Designed and built from scratch a ‘cradle to grave’ application for an entire UK profession.
Covering – Compliance / Regulatory requirements / Risk management / GDPR assessments and
compliance / Real-time data governance / Reporting and Push notification / Mobile Admin.
Replacing excel spreadsheets and various traditional paper processes, the regulatory system
knows exactly where any member is within their career and automatically responds with the
correct set of requirements. It uses real time data to keep the public facing side fully up to date.

Results – Following a successful go-live in September 2019 It fulfils the very latest 2020
regulatory requirements and has greatly reduced ongoing time to administer all aspects of
regulation and other factors that are involved. Through our experience and unique scoping
process methodology we have saved the client 50% of expected project costs over using a
typical software development house and reduced internally 40% of ongoing administration
time leading to appx 50k per year savings.

“I am glad to say that I completed my application without any problem and received confirmation that it was approved in 2 days. Excellent (and somewhat unusual!!) that a new system worked so well!”

“I have completed my renewal application and congratulate you all on putting together a straightforward and easy online system I found it easier to do on line than the old system and found it very simple to load up the photographs from my phone. Thoroughly impressed!”
Director / Corporate Specialist


Created, designed and built a unique CRM, leadership and Sales tool (Charity Sector, Education Sector, Legal Sector)
A subscription based application that offers pin-point accuracy for queries within highly
complex documents allowing the user to Search / Scan / Read / Query / Submit / Track and
dialogue within any document. It allows users to ask multiple queries from any or all of the
documents within the system and each query is fully tracked between the user and
administrator. It offers various forms of intelligence gathering through dashboards to enable
success in a whole range of business activities. Built in Ruby (on rails).

Results – Again, our experience and unique scoping process methodology has saved the client
50% of expected project costs over using a larger software development house and a much
improved result with better longevity than using a whitelabel product, with appx 30% reduction in ongoing administration time each year.


Identified and developed an automated accreditation system for a Charity.
We were initially asked to create a brand identity and website for a young carers organisation. As part of this process we were asked to design 3 certificates for an idea they had for a 2 year pilot scheme with schools. In questioning the client over their intentions we identified a more cost and time effective way of managing and running the scheme, rather than the client using spreadsheets to process internally.

We created from scratch, a low-cost purpose built accreditation system. We looked at the scoping, UX and design to make the functionality and administration as easy as possible. Schools could choose their levels of accreditation (25 levels and themes were available) the system automated all the delivery objectives /requirements / uploads/ and allowed for the approval of each submission with certification.

Results – Automating this accreditation process has seen a cost-effective solution, saving time and resources. It is anticipated to be saving the Charity £50k over 2 years, the saving can now be put to other uses.

Testimonial – “Its all going really well thank you! The branding and marketing strategy that you have created along with the digital transformation accreditation system are a winning combination.”
Director of Operations

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