The chances of digital transformation succeeding is improved through having the right digital and communications expert to lead. Someone who has multi-sector, multi-disciplined experience. The right leader not only delivers a successful transformation but transcends all aspects of the business and empowers the organisation along the way. Very often, where big creative and IT teams work through their pre-prescribed methodical process, the end result can still give a very poor return on the money spent.

We will take responsibility and work with you through digital transformation and can work on part or all of the procedures below.

– We help identify issues and create new ideas with senior management
– Prepare and head relevant research / workshops
– Create strategies, lead and implement communications programme with key stakeholders
– Design framework scoping incorporating IA, UX and UI
– Identify features and other business opportunities for client throughout scoping process
– Mentor and provided artistic strategy methodological support and management to designers and IT professionals
– Oversee and provided methodological support and management to key stakeholders
– Ensure communications materials reinforce decisions coming out of the programme vision and aligned with the key deliverables
– Establish and implement mechanisms for monitoring communication effectiveness
– Ensure digital transformation is as future proofed as possible
– Conduct quality assurance of communication deliverables of the programme

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