Professional Regulation, Risk & Compliance System

Web App

Designed and built from scratch a ‘cradle to grave’ application for an entire UK profession. Covering – Compliance / Regulatory requirements / Risk management / GDPR assessments and compliance / Real-time data governance / Reporting and Push notification / Mobile Admin.

Replacing excel spreadsheets and various traditional paper processes, the regulatory system knows exactly where any member is within their career and automatically responds with the correct set of requirements. It uses real time data to keep the public facing side fully up to date.

Results – Following a successful go-live in September 2019 It fulfils the very latest 2020 regulatory requirements and has greatly reduced ongoing time to administer all aspects of regulation and other factors that are involved.

Through our experience and unique scoping process methodology we have saved the client 50% of expected project costs over using a typical software development house and reduced internally 40% of ongoing administration time leading to appx 50k per year savings.