Regulatory Software

Nason Associates have spent years of research and development to create advanced digital solutions focussed on member application, authorisation, certification, risk and regulation. These solutions improve efficiencies and optimise operations.

Membership Regulation

• Real-Time Data for Member admission, authorisation, certification, risk and payment

Case Study – Regulating Notaries in England and Wales for the Legal Regulator

Licence/Application Authorisation

• Multiple application, authorisation, payment and approval

Case Study – Application for Special Marriage Licences in England and Wales for The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury

We’ll deliver new cloud applications with strategic intelligence and seamless experiences for smart processes and data-driven decisions at a sensible price. If you think there is data in your business that could be better utilised or an administrative task that would benefit from being automated, give Nason Associates a call today on 07903 674731 or email