BonaCaeli believe breathing clean air is a fundamental need for the global economy and for our social well-being.

Driven by science and technology with a passion to transform ‘AIR’ science into highly beneficial and desirable ‘AIR’ products. Setting the benchmark for the clean tech industry.

Nason Associates worked with BonaCaeli to establish a new brand strategy, a company vision, and designed new products to help them become established in the market place. We are now helping the company commercialise the product and helping them market their services and products every step of the way.

The AirSAFE products are air sanitisers that set a new benchmark in air purification: the fastest known way to reduce and eliminate threats from viruses and pathogens from indoor air including the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19.
BonaCaeli also offer a valuable virus risk assessment and modelling service to help venues and offices quantify and mitigate risks from COVID-19, pathogens and allergens.

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Edinburgh Young Carers

Edinburgh Young Carers is one of the most well established and largest organisations in Scotland dedicated to working with and supporting young carers. Their mission is to make a positive difference in the lives and futures of young carers through support, information, respite and personal development and training.

Nason Associates was approached to design and develop key funded projects
• A new corporate identity for the ‘We Care’ initiative and a social led website.
Nason Associates then identified, designed and developed an automated accreditation system where schools could choose their levels of accreditation (25 levels and themes were available) the system automated all the delivery objectives / requirements / uploads/ and allowed for the approval of each submission with certification.

Testimonial – “Its all going really well! The branding and marketing strategy that Nason Associates have created along with the digital accreditation system are a winning combination. Automating the process has saved both time and resources allowing us to focus on other initiatives”. Director of Operations

Royal College of Nursing

The RCN represents nurses and nursing, promotes excellence in practice and shapes health policies.

As part of their engagement programme we developed an initiative called ‘Your space’ to keep all staff aware of their office replan and how these changes would affect them. Also, as part of the RCN standards review we designed a customer service booklet to explain the new standards that its members had to abide by.

“Thank you for all the work, it is so different to what we would have produced internally. It looks absolutely fab!”

Fares Haddad

Professor Haddad is an Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon specialising in the treatment of lower limb conditions mainly Knee and Hip Surgery.


HCA are a group of world-class private hospitals and specialist clinics.
London Bridge Hospital, The Christie Private Care, The Harley Street Clinic, The Lister Hospital, The Portland Hospital, The Princess Grace Hospital, The Wellington Hospital and HCA UK at UCH.

Nursing & Midwifery Council

The Nursing & Midwifery Council are the regulator for nurses and midwives in the UK, and nursing associates in England.
Better and safer care for people is at the heart of what they do.

Portland Hospital

The Portland hospital is part of the HCA Group and is the only private hospital in London entirely dedicated to women and children. It is Internationally renowned for clinical excellence and is a true market leader.

The Portland Hospital was looking to achieve a dialogue with its potential audiences to reinforce their unrivalled market status; the Nurture magazine was born.  From story writing and editing through to design, fulfillment and extranet, we supplied a completely integrated service. The Nurture brand has grown both through circulation and advertising and is subsequently able to count many recognised brands as partners.

A memorable Customer Relationship Management programme.