Schools Accreditation System for Charity

Web App

Whilst designing a new brand identity for this accreditation, we recommended that it would be more cost effective to create from scratch, a low-cost purpose built accreditation system than manually administering a 2 year pilot scheme.

Schools choose their level and multiple sublevels of intended accreditation (25 levels available) the system automates the delivery objectives/requirements/uploads and allows for approval of each submission and displays all records of certification.

Results – Automating this accreditation process has seen a cost-effective solution, saving time and resources. It is anticipated to save the Charity £50k over 2 years, this saving can now be put to other uses.

Professional Regulation, Risk & Compliance System

Web App

Designed and built from scratch a ‘cradle to grave’ application for an entire UK profession. Covering – Compliance / Regulatory requirements / Risk management / GDPR assessments and compliance / Real-time data governance / Reporting and Push notification / Mobile Admin.

Replacing excel spreadsheets and various traditional paper processes, the regulatory system knows exactly where any member is within their career and automatically responds with the correct set of requirements. It uses real time data to keep the public facing side fully up to date.

Results – Following a successful go-live in September 2019 It fulfils the very latest 2020 regulatory requirements and has greatly reduced ongoing time to administer all aspects of regulation and other factors that are involved.

Through our experience and unique scoping process methodology we have saved the client 50% of expected project costs over using a typical software development house and reduced internally 40% of ongoing administration time leading to appx 50k per year savings.

BPP Tech

Stand for OTC, Houston

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston,US is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters. Nason Associates have designed a combined stand for engineering consultancy and risk advisory services BPP Tech and BPP Cables. The key focus for the stand is managing risk in adverse conditions.

Institute for languages, Portugal

Nason Associates is redesigning the website of the Camoes Institute. The Institute coordinates the Portuguese-Speaking school and university system in the UK with over 53 schools and 17 universities.

Property Development Company

We have recently been asked to design a brand identity and website for an up and coming property development company in the west country.

Charity registration for Cathedrals

Delighted to announce that Nason Associates are sponsoring England’s leading Ecclesiastical lawyers, LBMW with their independent series of consultations to enable Cathedral staff and leaders to network together with the benefit of LBMWs experts and knowledge to hand.

The Cathedrals Working Group Report raised very significant issues for Cathedrals and has started a major process. Speaking at the 1st seminar was Sarah King (Association of English Cathedrals), Jane Grenfell (Charities Manager-LBMW) and Howard Dellar (Head of EEC, LBMW). Delegates found the discussions very lively and informative. LBMW are planning more events this year as the process continues.

Regulation web application

Nason Associates have won a three way pitch to design and build a bespoke product application to regulate a top professional body within the legal industry.

Financed infrastructures for offshore developments

Nason Associates created a new brand identity, website and presentation documents for a start-up oil advisory business in the upstream sector.  The new company structures the SPV with equity to create the alignment and contribute to the asset exploitation plan of the business by triangulating the 3 perspectives of operator, main contractors and the finance community.

Legal Registry Platform

We have recently completed the IA, UX, UI and build for a multiple site online platform. With 80% of the content being the same across all five sites, it allows the administrator to update the ‘Parent’ which in turn automatically updates each of the ‘Child’ sites. The build also allows for deviations to be made independently as well as the ability to add new ‘child’ sites with ease.

Quito Conference, Ecuador

We have been providing digital expertise to a global insurance broker to produce a short video and other marketing collateral for their 2018 South American conference.


7 way pitch win – Mountain Partners buy and build portfolio – high tech company
Development of Global Proposition and brand identity.


The team have designed and produced a smart new diocesan schools, service level agreement for the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education. Creating a contemporary look and feel for the ODBE and laid out to best practice, clearly distinguishing between the core, enhanced and additional services available. This is the start of a new promotional programme for the ODBE to help speed up school sign up to the service level agreement.

Faculty Office

The functions of the Faculty Office extend to both England and Wales and are threefold: the issue of Special Marriage Licences, the regulation of the Notarial profession and the legal work for the awarding by the Archbishop of “Lambeth” Degrees.

We have created an entirely new architecture to ensure that the key audiences have the best possible experience, finding all the key information and processes they need through logical navigation. There is a back end database linked to key search functions enabling the user to find their local Notaries and the languages they speak.

Feed back has been very positive:

“I’m really pleased with the work that’s been done. It’s looking excellent.”
“I think it looks absolutely fantastic. It is modern, bright and easy to navigate. The use of colours for the different sections of the site is good and easy to distinguish.”
“I really commend your website designers – it is SO much better than the current website!”
“I am extremely impressed with the new format.”

The Institute of Sport Exercise and Health (ISEH)

The Institute of Sport Exercise and Health (ISEH) is a major legacy project of the 2012 London Olympic Games and is a dedicated state-of-the-art facility delivering world-class clinical expertise in sport and exercise medicine.

We were commissioned to produce a two minute video promoting the areas of sport where injuries were most common. The video combines an impressive soundtrack coupled with animated graphics and close up sporting footage to aim not only at the sporting elite but also the weekend enthusiast.

Range of referral brochures for QEB Hollis Whiteman

A series of three brochures highlighting the expertise of QEB Hollis Whiteman in specialists legal areas. The most recent referral brochure focuses on their experience in Inquests and Inquiries for which they have an enviable record of recent work. The other brochures so far being dedicated to ‘Business Crime’ and ‘Professional Regulation’.

Clinical negligence advertisement for Chambers

Cloisters Chambers is a market leader in Claimant clinical negligence and personal injury work. A new advertisment was designed to go in the ‘disability’ magazine focussing on their success in achieving some of the highest awards ever in personal injury cases

Leading global SAP recruiter gets a new look

RED are a global SAP solutions provider dedicated to helping organisations leverage their SAP experience. We have designed and produced a new corporate brochure to work alongside the recently launched website. The design uses simple, strong graphics, vibrant colours and highlights key facts that keeps Red differentiated from its competitors.